We are two brothers with one goal. Make custom, quality, hand crafted lures and catch mammoth sized trophy fish. Our profession is custom carpentry, but our passion is fishing. When you put the two together you get lures built with quality craftsmanship and perfection. All of our lures are made out of poplar hardwood and assembled with high quality stainless steel lure components. The lures are painted with top of line airbrush paint in a variety of unique colors. After paint, the lures are given three coats of high gloss epoxy to both enhance the paint color and harden the outer shell of the lure. The hook sizes are based on the lure size, but are all VMC 4X strength for maximum durability. You wont find lures like these in the store. That's a guarantee! Giant bass, oversized pike and trophy musky are just a few of the species these lures will put in your net.

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