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Roid Rager Orange Crush



Description- The Roid Rager spins faster, thumps louder, and displaces more water than any lure we've ever designed. Watching this lure wreak havoc in the water is like an angry body builder at the gym feeling the effects of roid rage. This lure has two large tallywacker blades creating double the spin, sound and vibration of a typical plop tail topwater. The swole body profile keeps the lure very balanced allowing you to run it in the choppiest of water conditions with ease. Also, there are hooks coming from both sides of the body to ensure the best hook up ratio possible. Lastly, a hand tied feather pattern attached to the back to trigger following muskies into eaters.

Speed Retrieval- The Roid Rager can be worked affectively at all speeds. You can work it slow as possible to create a subtle wake with some flash, or burn it fast to create an extreme commotion on the surface.


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