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Monster Rager Fire Scales

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6 TOPWATER LURE Description- A unique and highly advanced engineered design to catch trophy muskies. The large tallywacker blade attached to the tail of the lure gives a loud and slower plopping sound, while the monster prop blade attached to the head spins extremely fast making a buzzing sound. The two different sounds and vibrations combined with a third hook for maximum hooking capabilities make this a deadly lure. Speed Retrieval- The Monster Rager can be used at every speed effectively. Certain variables such as weather, water clarity, and wind help determine how fast or slow to use the lure. When pausing the lure, the head continues to spin and make sound. Fast movements and erratic speed changes help trigger active feeding fish to strike. Speed up and submerge lure under water during figure eights for greatest chance at success of a boat side strike.

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