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Depth Changer Two-Piece Glow




Description- The Depth Changer Two Piece has an extremely tight side to side wobble when reeled in imitating an injured bait fish being chased. A slight bend in the metal diving bill can change its running depth allowing you to run this lure in shallow and deeper water. (Slightly push metal bill towards the hooks to run shallower. Do not overbend!)

Speed Retrieval- The Depth Changer slowly sinks and then dives once reeled in. The faster you reel the lure the tighter the wobble and deeper it dives until its max depth of 5-8ft. Can be used as a shallow water crankbait and deep water jerkbait. This lure is effective at any speed due to its unique wobble and depth changing ability. When the lure is paused from reeling, it slowly sinks to the bottom triggering strikes along with its great figure eight abilities.


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